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Ses Salines Natural Reserve in Ibiza

The island's natural heritage is invaluable: flora and fauna, marine and terrestrial, await your discovery while you're staying in Ibiza.

Less than 25km away from Villa Can Coves we can find the ses Salines Natural Reserve of Ibiza and Formentera. The spectacular reserve is located between the two "Pitiusas" islands  and extends from the south of Ibiza to the north of Formentera. It is estimated to occupy an approximate territory of 2,838.44 hectares of land and more than 13,000 marinas.


The marine environment represents 75% of the park's territory and is characterized by the ecological importance of the underwater prairies of Posidonia oceanica. This marine plant, exclusive and very representative of our sea, favours the maintenance of fish populations, marine organisms, oxygenates the waters, conserving them clean and transparent, protects the beaches from the erosion effect of waves and maintains the natural dynamics of the dune systems.

It is not surprising that these marine meadows, impressive if discovered diving in the waters of the natural park, are declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

As far as the terrestrial environment is concerned, the natural park hosts a magnificent representation of most of the plant formations existing in the Pitiusas islands with some 178 species of plants. We can find Mediterranean pine groves, coastal savines, salicorniares and halophilous vegetation that surrounds the lagoons, as well as complex dune systems and coastal vegetation that can only be found on the cliffs.

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But perhaps what is most striking for travelers who spend their holidays in Ibiza is that in the Natural Park of ses Salines you can see more than 200 different species of birds. Highlights include populations of waterbirds, such as flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber), storks (Himantopus himantopus), white waterfowl (Tadorna tadorna), black-footed plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) and seabirds, such as Audouin's seagull (Larus audouinii) and balearic shearwaters (Puffinus mauretanicus)

And, of course, the island's lizards (Podarcis pityusensis), also known as "sargantanas", endemic to Ibiza and Formentera. As a curiosity, it is interesting to know that these lizards have different and unique subspecies in the islets of the archipelago. We can also find the white-sacoa rat (Eliomys quercinus ophiusae) on Formentera and various species of endemic snails and beetles.


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The vestiges of ancient civilizations and historical traces in the Pitiusas are also present in the Natural Park.

This can be seen in the remains found in the Phoenician site of sa Caleta (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and in the defence towers scattered along the entire coastline of the Park.

The presence of the millenary salt industry, with all its historical, cultural and socio-economic value, also adds a landscape singularity of great beauty and relevance, perfectly integrated into the natural ecosystems.

What are you waiting for booking your accommodation at Villa Can Coves and come to enjouy the amazing environment of the ses Salines Natural Reserve?

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