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Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in Ibiza

Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in Ibiza

The "bullit de peix" (fish boiled) is one of the most spectacular typical dishes of Ibizan gastronomy. Don't miss these restaurants to taste it.

Whoever visits Ibiza and does not taste this authentic delicatessen is making a big mistake. This typical dish, original of the traditional cuisine of fishermen, is a must if you are on holiday in Ibiza and want to enjoy the most authentic gastronomy of the island.

The dish, although it has variations and each restaurant does so in its own way, is made up of the basic elements: the boiling of fish (which is usually eaten first) accompanied by potatoes with an "alioli" sauce, and a rice later made with the broth obtained from the fish stew.

Although some restaurants reverse the formula (first you eat the rice, sometimes the broth, and then the fish), the explosion of flavors is just as incredible in either case. The "bullit de peix" is the best way to discover the fresh products of Ibiza and the traditional touches of the local gastronomy.

So, where can you eat the best bullit de peix in Ibiza? Here are some recommendations..

Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in San Juan (Ibiza)

Where to eat bullit de peix in Ibiza

The Port de Balansat restaurant in the Port of San Miguel (San Juan) is one of the most famous restaurants for eating the bullit de peix. The traditional recipe and the extensive experience of the establishment's team make this a highly recommended option to try (and repeat!) this jewel of Ibiza's gastronomy. Tradition, excellent fresh produce and the experience of the chefs are the guarantee that this restaurant will not disappoint you. You'll find it on the beach at the Port of San Miguel, you can't miss it!

Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in San Antonio (Ibiza)

Where to eat bullit de peix in Ibiza

Es Nàutic, in the town of San Antonio, is a restaurant well known for its haute cuisine. In his letter we can also find an excellent "bullit de peix", whose recipe has been interpreted trying to follow the canons of the original preparation. Tasting this dish in the company of your loved ones in this restaurant is a great choice due to the relaxed atmosphere and the views of the marina of San Antonio. In addition, the facility's service and staff are excellent. You'll find it next to the San Antonio Yacht Club.

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Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in San José (Ibiza)

Where to eat bullit de peix in Ibiza

The spectacular views of the coast and mountains of San José make S'Espartar a must-see before (or after) spending a day at the beach in the western part of Ibiza. In addition, one of the specialities of this restaurant is "bullit de peix", which is made strictly following the traditional Ibizan recipe. It has several terraces and lounges for all kinds of events or special meetings. You will find it on the road from San José to Cala Tarida, on the right side of the road.

Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in Santa Eulalia (Ibiza)

Where to eat bullit de peix in Ibiza

If you are looking for a place with its own charisma and personality, that place is the restaurant El Bigotes, between the idyllic coves of Cala Boix and Cala Mastella (in the municipality of Santa Eulalia). This classic beach bar specializes in "bullit de peix" and the setting for tasting it is simply great. Tranquillity, good food and good service are the three basic characteristics of the establishment, which offers a fresh quality product while maintaining the simplicity of a beach bar.

Where to eat the best "bullit de peix" in Ibiza

Where to eat bullit de peix in Ibiza

For tastes, colors, right? These were just a few recommendations, but obviously you can find many other restaurants that offer and produce "bullit de peix" all over the island of Ibiza. Restaurants such as Es Torrent, Tropicana, S'illa des Bosc or Ca Na Sofia are some other examples. What are you waiting for to discover the benefits of the best Ibizan gastronomy? Check our availability of our villa in Ibiza and start planning your holidays!


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