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Diving routes in Sant Joan (Ibiza)

Ibiza Diving Routes

Do you like to dive? The municipality of Sant Joan, where Villa Can Coves is located, offers you different and fantastic routes to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean.

The seabed of Ibiza is rich, diverse and, above all, very beautiful! We show you the best areas for diving in the wildest municipality on the island.

Punta Xarraca

On its walls we find a wide variety of diving sites, from simple dives for beginners to the deepest for the most experienced. Near its walls we have a depth of eight meters, with numerous posidonia meadows as well as rocky areas, which predominates in the area. In addition its walls are perforated by numerous tunnels as well as one by caves, to emphasize one from which we can accede to a swimming pool of salty water in the middle of the rocks. On its walls we find diving levels for all tastes. From the 40 meters of maximum depth where the coraligen shelters many forms of life, such as lobsters, groupers or sprouts to the 12 meters of depth where we find the beginning of the area of caves and tunnels.

The difficulty of this area is easy/medium, being able to go down to a depth of 45 meters.

Isla Murada

Located in front of San Miguel and under the high walls of Punta de Sa Creu, Murada Island offers divers several dives characterized by its beautiful bottoms as well as its numerous and spectacular tunnels that pierce it. The special orography of the island allows divers of all levels to enjoy it, the northern part of the island falls to a depth of 40 meters where the streets are located, a large area of low and flat stones that resemble these. The west side has a maximum depth of 35 meters and is formed by large stones and gigantic cobbles that have collapsed from the island throughout its millennial history. On the east side, we usually dive to about 12 meters deep, where we will find countless caves, passages and caves, a perfect area for beginners or underwater photographers looking for backlighting. The southern end of Murada is usually the beginning of our dives on the island. But it also has a dive that surrounds a small island adjacent to the island, which has beautiful spit banks and countless lobsters at its base at a depth of 38 meters.

The difficulty of this area is easy/medium, being able to go down to 42 meters of depth.

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La isla de las gaviotas

The island of the seagulls or Sa Aigua blanca, which is its real name, is a small dry island that only protrudes a few centimetres out of the water, situated very close to the beach of the port of Portinatx. It is a perfect dive site for beginners as the dry face of the dry land face is very shallow, between 3 and 9 meters deep, with a variety of landscapes such as posidonia meadows, crystal clear sandy beaches and beautiful rocky gorges. The face facing the open sea has a shallow shelf and then falls abruptly to a depth of 23 meters, the maximum depth of the dive site. In the background we find a sandbank where it is very easy to find raors, which will delight underwater photographers. The walls that take us back to the surface are full of caves and holes where we can find corvas, scorpion fish, nudibranchs and a good number of moray eels.

The difficulty of this area is easy/medium, being able to go down to a depth of 24 meters.

Las Xernas

Punta Galera is located at the western end of Sa Guardiola, the island that shelters the port of Portinatx from the north winds. This natural jetty is a long rocky bar more than 180 meters long, with an underwater platform with the same shape as on the surface that projects about 120 meters in a westerly direction. On the side facing Portinatx the maximum depth is about 20 metres and on the open sea side it precipitates abruptly to 40 metres. The chernas are immersed on the open sea side and are known by this name as at the beginning of the descent there is usually a large male false pollack with one or two large females and this fish is known in Ibiza as cherna. This dive is the most lively one in the Portinatx area, due to its orography and the light current that is usually found in the area. The schools of barracudas, big dentexes and some pelagics like seviolas, bonito or palometas are other of the habitual ones in this immersion.

The difficulty of this area is easy/medium, being able to go down to 42 meters of depth.

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