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Ibizan cuisine is famous for the quality of its local product and the tradition of its preparation. Authentic delicacies await you on the island.

"Bullit de Peix"

gastronomia bullit

One of the tastiest and most surprising dishes. Accompanied by a simple and delicious rice band, this unique fish dish must not be missed in the menu of your vacation.

"Crostes" salad

gastronomia crostes

Typical Ibiza salad, whose main ingredient is toasted and sliced farmhouse bread, accompanied by tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil.

Octopus fry

gastronomia frita pulpo

Traditional Ibizan cuisine dish, with octopus as the protagonist. Its fried potato, onion and peppers combine perfectly.

Ibizan Lamb

gastronomia cordero

Roast meat of lambs born in Ibiza and raised on the island according to traditional practices.


gastronomia flao

Round cake made with eggs, fresh cheese of sheep or sheep and goat and peppermint leaves that give it a very particular flavor with reminiscences of Arabic, although its origin is medieval.


gastronomia greixonera

Typical dessert made with leftover or hardened "ensaimadas", egg, milk, cinnamon and lemon peel.


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